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Investigation Services.    Counterfeit_Kills

Nokvision has been synonymous with trusted, reliable investigation services for more than 7 years in Nigeria. With National reach, NokVision provide detailed and comprehensive investigation services to corporate and private clients both local and international.  We provide international expertise in all forms of market surveys, monitoring and investigations projects that we undertake.

We carryout investigation and enforcement action for:

  • Copyright infringement 
  • Trademark infringement
  • Market monitoring and intelligence 

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Online and Offline Brand Protection and Monitoring. Watchdog

zzbulldogNokVision ‘s real life investigation and market monitoring assist in brand protection program and hence reports on brand infringement issues and detailed business critical information. Read More

Market Research and Intelligence

MRNokVision provide market research and intelligence services that answers those local market questions and local business questions such as Nigeria. Depending on the scope of the assignment, we conduct a comprehensive and granular analysis of the project scope in the local market. We do this by leveraging on our local presence and local content knowledge to provide international companies local market insights that leads to wise and unbiased decision making. Read more

Corporate Brand Protection. Stay in touch with the latest IP news in Nigeria Market.

investigation agency in nigeriaFrom personal premises security to intellectual property and brand protection, stay informed and let the NokVision team help you manage and monitor your brand reputation in the Nigeria market. Read More

Electronic Security and Surveillance

IP_CCTV_surveillanceAs organization grow and diversify, security needs expand as well. From surveillance, access control and parking solutions, to perimeter products and x – ray scanners, Nokvision is one of security system integration company in Nigeria that delivers specialized security solutions that are as unique as your business needs.

We offers custom – crafted security packages and technology that allows all your security systems to be interconnected, working together to keep your organization secure. This enable your entire security network to be monitored from a central location, minimizing manpower and allowing for an efficient, coordinated response to a security event. Read More

remoteView – Online Remote Video Monitoring

rsz_middleIn today’s business environment, every company executive, company managers, employees etc has an Apple iPad, an iPhone and Mobile devices they use as a presentation tool for customers. But being able to work and also view live videos from anywhere is at the core security issues. With our remote video monitoring solution, clients can stream and view live video of business or home security cameras to wherever they are from handheld mobile devices. Read More

NokVision Limited can easily turn a remote village to a global city. Example is what you can see in Ijare, Ondo State where internet penetration was easily achieved via VSAT with wide connectivity of high speed internet. The JAMB CBT centre perfectly networked also attests to the wishes any prospective client expects. Count on them if you expect good result.

Thank you all at NokVision Limited for your quality and timely project delivery. You guys will go places. Keep it up.

This is to certify that Afriscope Limited (Now NokVision Limited) undertook the replacement of our CCTV at the Australian High Commission Abuja in June 2013. The work was completed on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Afriscope and can advise they provided a most professional service with all staff wearing uniforms, safety hats and boots,in itself a rarity in Nigeria. The manager was attentive and responsive in a timely manner to any questions or changes to specifications. Afriscope provided specialist input and advice to the overall project management. If you would like to discuss the matter with me further please do not hesitate to call the Australian High commission and ask to speak with me